Electorate of Perth in Western Australia

Created in 1901 and one of the original 75 divisions contested at the first Federal Election, the division of Perth covers an area of approximately 78 sq km. Suburbs in this division include the districts of Mt Lawley, Ashfield, Bayswater, Bedford, East Perth, Northbridge, Eden Hill, Morley, Embleton, Highgate, Inglewood, Kiara, Bassendean, Lockridge, Beechboro, Maylands and Noranda. It also includes parts of North Pert, Coolbinia, Yokine, Menora, Dianella Perth City and West Perth. It is named after the City of Perth, founded under Lieutenant-Governor James Stirling in 1829.

Map of the Perth electorate

Australian Electorate Commission Profile of the Perth electorate

News from Perth Electorate

  • “A big thank you to all those who spoke out in Parliament yesterday on the importance of the RSRT, including Joanne Ryan MP Brendan O'Connor MP Alannah MacTiernan Jim Chalmers MP - Member for Rankin Lisa Chesters Sharon Claydon MP Sharon Bird Chris Hayes Tim Watts MP. Check out this video to see what Safe Rates supporter Michelle Rowland MP had to say.”

  • “The Abbott Government has rushed into Parliament wide-reaching data retention laws. Spoke in Parliament today of the deep concern in my electorate about the massive potential invasion of privacy these laws will cause - and of the great reach and cost of that invasion. http://youtu.be/8190_wnYHkw”

  • “To stand with us and keep higher education affordable and accessible for all, visit http://www.nodebtsentence.org/ and sign our online petition”

  • “Telling it like it is. Labor has launched its campaign against Abbott’s unfair Higher Education charges and I told the Parliament the real story of Bella, a 17-year-old Perth girl whose decision to attend university has been put on hold for fear of a student debt of $175,000. She wants her dream to be a vet to stay alive, and I have pledged to Bella that we will fight this every inch of the way. http://youtu.be/VRsNwcsOiRY”

  • “Vale David Malcolm Yesterday was the funeral of David Malcolm - a great celebration of a life well lived - of prodigous achievement in law, of a huge commitment to community service and a determination to enjoy his time on earth. I had a tremendous time as his article clerk at the start of my legal career.”

  • “Workshopping away with our Australian Labor Party National Policy Forum representatives Daniel Smith, Kate Doust and Alannah MacTiernan.”

  • “Special and belated thanks to Alannah MacTiernan for agreeing to be interviewed about Aboriginal Jazz muso and artist Lois Olney by students from Central TAFE for the Indigenous Community Stories administered by the Film & Television Institute.”

  • “Whitlam stood TALL for his country, served his country with distinction, did SO MUCH to make Oz a better place !! WHAT HAS ABBOTT DONE ?? Ripped Oz APART, Divided a Nation, Introduced the most SAVAGE CUTS ever, is recognized as the WORST PM EVER !! BE GONE ABBOTT !!”

  • “Many thanks Alannah for attending the Hampton SHS Presentation ceremony tonight.”

  • “We are wondering if anything is being done in terms of a memorial service in Perth for Gough? So many of us want to pay tribute.”

  • “Hi Alannah Seeing the story on Lateline this week made me feel so sad and sick that animals from Australia are treated in such a manner. I am absolutely outraged that this cruel and abusive behaviour has been inflicted on Australian cattle again in Gaza and other countries we export to. If we ...”

  • “Deliberative democracy can help retool our engagement with government. This week I addressed the Electoral Regulation Research Network in Melbourne, showing how bringing community members into the decision making process can work. Looked at deliberative democracy projects we did in WA and talked ...”

  • “JonathanHallett: 'Political donations: Australians deserve more transparency' via @GuardianAus http://t.co/ThbXZ246Oy #disclosure”

  • “JonathanHallett: Why does Tony Abbott oppose corporate welfare but subsidise fossil fuels $10 billion per year? http://t.co/w9uCa6Swwf”

  • “JonathanHallett: “Do you believe 97% of the world’s climate scientists or do you believe Andrew Bolt? I believe Andrew Bolt.” via @THEMONTHLY”

  • “JonathanHallett: Don't Bet on Coal and Oil Growth http://t.co/BMviA8ELLn #decline #economics #climate”

  • “JonathanHallett: "Excuse me sir, your privilege is showing." On gay male privilege via @Medium: https://t.co/qUPn29VyF1 #entitlement #genderequality”

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  • “JonathanHallett: RT @lyndalcurtis: The NBN strategic review has found the Coalition's plan will be more expensive - at $41billion (11.5b more than forecast)”