Electorate of Perth in Western Australia

Created in 1901 and one of the original 75 divisions contested at the first Federal Election, the division of Perth covers an area of approximately 78 sq km. Suburbs in this division include the districts of Mt Lawley, Ashfield, Bayswater, Bedford, East Perth, Northbridge, Eden Hill, Morley, Embleton, Highgate, Inglewood, Kiara, Bassendean, Lockridge, Beechboro, Maylands and Noranda. It also includes parts of North Pert, Coolbinia, Yokine, Menora, Dianella Perth City and West Perth. It is named after the City of Perth, founded under Lieutenant-Governor James Stirling in 1829.

Map of the Perth electorate

Australian Electorate Commission Profile of the Perth electorate

News from Perth Electorate

  • “HOW did the LNP win Govt ?? Negative spiteful politics, no specific policies, spewing deceit and LIES !! Labor need to remember this strategy to win Govt !!”

  • “Indescribably sad remembering Gough Whitlam. He made one proud to be Australian.He never thought Australia should be anything other than independent. He saw no reason why Australia could not take a leadership role internationally. He understood the detail of life, the things that motivated us and t...”

  • “Our HUMBUG PM !! Honest fair minded Aussies want Abbott GONE, they want a NEW, FAIR, NO LIES Election !! He truly is unworthy of the high office, he got in by methods of stealth, using people who were willing to go and vote multiple times in their electorates, but at different electoral booths. A...”

  • “Addressed a packed hall in Kalamunda this weekend - local community very frustrated that all proposed aged care facilities are being blocked. The planning processes drift on endlessly - and special interest groups agitate against every new proposal. People are having to send frail, aged parents th...”

  • “Clean energy is our future and will save the planet !! The Man Booker Prize for Fiction winner Richard Flanagan says he is "ashamed to be an Australian" because of Tony Abbott's environmental policies. Tell Abbott our atmosphere is NOT a sewer !!”

  • “Talking "Dying with Dignity" with WA Voluntary Euthanasia Society this afternoon. Explained how a cross-party group is working together to introduce a bill into Federal Parliament to allow terminally ill people the right to choose when and how they die. There is a community campaign being planned - 80% of the community support the right to choose and we need to mobilise that support if legislation is to have a chance of passing.”

  • “Today out on the hustings in Bunbury with the Staff of Serana – an innovative South-West company hounded out of business by a highly questionable Federal Department of Agriculture investigation • 36 jobs will be lost • Learnt today that having quarantined all the company’s serum – the Department r...”

  • “'To each his own - let each have his own'. Plenty of heartfelt discussion earlier about the National pub pertaining to various leading affairs of foreign intrigue. Anyway, everybody did their bit on the night to help change the world, say, with good salient points made in a general discussion, and, ...”

  • “Do you honestly believe that people are going to vote labour when we read about how the factions {or unions} practically run the party.Surely Joe bullock is not going to be a big asset to the party going forward. I reckon he caused a lot of damage to the party by contesting the seat.”

  • “National Policy Forum for Labor Party tonight: Tanya Plibersek presiding, Stephen Smith chairing. Plenty of big issues to discuss - join us upstairs at the National Hotel (98 High Street, Fremantle) from 5:30 to 6:30.”

  • “Your Govt FOR SALE !! Lying deceptive trashy shifty corrupt expenses-rorting scare-mongering behaviour !! Is that what we voted for ?? Is that how we like our politicians served up ?? The entire LNP Govt have brought politics into DISREPUTE !! SEND Canberra the message we want them GONE !!”

  • “Mr Abbott are u listening ?? Are u still denying ?? Mr Obama is coming, looking for u at the G20 !! Protesters from Pacific islands hit by climate change vow to block coal exports in Australia !! Guardian Australia... A group of protesters from 12 Pacific island nations threatened by climate change have vowed to block coal exports from leaving the port of Newcastle. RISING SEA LEVELS are swallowing them up !!”

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