Electorate of Perth in Western Australia

Created in 1901 and one of the original 75 divisions contested at the first Federal Election, the division of Perth covers an area of approximately 78 sq km. Suburbs in this division include the districts of Mt Lawley, Ashfield, Bayswater, Bedford, East Perth, Northbridge, Eden Hill, Morley, Embleton, Highgate, Inglewood, Kiara, Bassendean, Lockridge, Beechboro, Maylands and Noranda. It also includes parts of North Pert, Coolbinia, Yokine, Menora, Dianella Perth City and West Perth. It is named after the City of Perth, founded under Lieutenant-Governor James Stirling in 1829.

Map of the Perth electorate

Australian Electorate Commission Profile of the Perth electorate

News from Perth Electorate

  • “Thank you so much Alannah MacTiernan, God bless you ! I am Macedonian, MY COUNTRY IS REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA!”

  • “Hi Alannah, I saw your message in parliament and your request that Australia refer to Republic of Macedonia rather then the outdated & irrelevant FYR, thank you for making that heart felt speech I and many Macedonians around Australia are with you in this, thank you again xx”

  • “Dear Honorable Deputy, Ancient Macedonians have been doubtlessly Greek. They spoke Greek, they named after Greek names everything, the derived new Greek words for their needs, they did spread Greek Language and Civilization to the World. Gov of FYROM distorts, rapes and kills Macedonian history in ...”

  • “GIVE BASSENDEAN SOME DOCTORS Made the plea in Parliament for some common sense and recognise the Town of Bassendean as an area of doctor shortage. Dr Stephen Wilson has run a practice in Bassendean for 32 years and desperately needs assistance. 70% of his patients are bulk billed so it is not attractive to a lot of doctors. The Federal Government will not even consider whether the area should be classified as having a shortage. Sir Humphrey eat your heart out. https://youtu.be/z9EN00lHxbg”

  • “200 heavy haulage fatalities last year yet the Abbott Government wants to get rid of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, the watchdog set up precisely to prevent such terrible accidents occurring. This should have a fiercely bipartisan commitment - sign the petition to support #saferates for our truck drivers: http://bit.ly/1rEZQN6”

  • “One of the fabulous things about this role is that you come across great West Australian companies such as Fairclough Corporation, Hofmann Engineering and PDC, which are developing innovative world leading technology in the fields of engineering, mining and defence industries. All of these compani...”

  • “Our next event is on Wednesday 1 April at Bassendean Community Hall. Talking NBN in Perth with Shadow Assistant Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland. NBN Forum 6pm, Wednesday 1 April 2015 Bassendean Community Hall 48 Old Perth Road, Bassendean”

  • “Our next event is on Wednesday 1 April at Bassendean Community Hall. Talking NBN in Perth with Shadow Assistant Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland. NBN Forum 6pm, Wednesday 1 April 2015 Bassendean Community Hall 48 Old Perth Road, Bassendean”

  • “Hey it's 41degrees in water bag but who's complaining? We are all on a mission here. Big meeting in Telfer, with Martu schools in Jigalong, Punmu and Nullagine telling how kids are embracing Direct Instruction. Noel Pearson inspired with the story of Cape York schools and the role of getting the te...”

  • “Fyi Magistrate Jelena Popovic... Our justice system is failing us, badly !! Our politicians who represent the people are the only ones who can fix this !! They need to toughen our laws and force the justice system to observe them, with consequences where tragedies occur as a result of bad decisio...”

  • “Spot the difference? That's right there aren't any. Thanks for selling us out ALP. Watch The Australian Greens vote spike.”

  • “To quote a good friend. This is the moment I became a Greens voter FOR LIFE!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/Adam.Bandt.MP/photos/a.150546688313906.24363.150300238338551/840139486021286/?type=1&fref=nf”

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