Electorate of Perth in Western Australia

Created in 1901 and one of the original 75 divisions contested at the first Federal Election, the division of Perth covers an area of approximately 78 sq km. Suburbs in this division include the districts of Mt Lawley, Ashfield, Bayswater, Bedford, East Perth, Northbridge, Eden Hill, Morley, Embleton, Highgate, Inglewood, Kiara, Bassendean, Lockridge, Beechboro, Maylands and Noranda. It also includes parts of North Pert, Coolbinia, Yokine, Menora, Dianella Perth City and West Perth. It is named after the City of Perth, founded under Lieutenant-Governor James Stirling in 1829.

Map of the Perth electorate

Australian Electorate Commission Profile of the Perth electorate

News from Perth Electorate

  • “On Fitzgerald Street, where Barnett's promised Max Light Rail would have been. Yet somehow Barnett found the money for the outdated Perth Freight Link. This project is a failure - on environmental grounds, long term planning, and value for money. Abbott's public transport prohibition clearly steering the infrastructure agenda in the wrong direction.”

  • Sydney siege aftermath: 'honest discussion needed' - The Australian

    Sydney siege aftermath: 'honest discussion needed' - The Australian

    Speaking after the publication of details about the life of Sydney siege hostage taker Man Haron Monis, an Iranian who was granted political asylum in Australia, Ms MacTiernan said the support being shown to Australian Muslims in the wake of the deadly ...and more »

  • “Electric Cars Coming Closer At UWA today celebrating installation of new fast charging technology for electric cars. UWA's award-winning Renewable Energy Vehicle (REV) project is focusing on the engineering, the support infrastructure and user research as more manufacturers are producing electric ...”

  • “Who knows that in Bayswater we have massively successful advanced manufacturing facility that is employing 470 people and taking the Germans, Japanese and Chinese head on - exporting high quality gears and metal manufactures right across the globe? Hofmann Engineering is the poster child for advance...”

  • “Attending lots of school graduations -- but a very special event was Durham Road Special Needs School where I judged the Pet Parade. Principal Stuart Percival, staff and volunteers earn my admiration for the dedication and affection they show to these kids, many with severe, multiple disabilities.”

  • “At one with residents in Alma and William Street - trying to get better planning controls for medium density development. The residents are not opposing the 5 storey height but rightly say the building covers too much of the site- the landscaping is largely lemon trees in planter boxes. We need to...”

  • “Hi Alannah MacTiernan HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bob Hawke!!! On the occasion of Bob's 85th Birthday (9th December), it is fitting to remember: (These achievements are ALL THE MORE impressive as the Hawke Government inherited a Net Government Debt of 7.5% of GDP from the Fraser Government.) It was the Hawke...”

  • “PLAYSCHOOL IS IN !! Please please Mr Abbott, please bring back Arthur Sinodinos, you will be totally discredited, if you arn't already !! Abbott will have a reshuffle before Parliament resumes in the first week of February next year, probably as soon as practical after the NSW ICAC hands down a re...”

  • Liberal sticks by WA fine default jailing system - The Australian

    Mr Porter's former rival in state parliament and now federal Labor MP for Perth, Alannah MacTiernan, said his fine-default strategy needed to be abandoned. “If they had understood the nature of the community they would have seen this coming,” she said.

  • “West Australians are committed to changing legislation, to allow people the freedom to choose their own medicine/therapies in the form of natural cannabis”

  • Melbourne's train tracks safe, rail watchdog finds - The Age

    Federal MP for Perth, Alannah MacTiernan, a former Western Australian transport minister, stood up in the Australian parliament last month and accused Metro of "sweating" the network - failing to adequately invest in maintenance in order to maximise ...

  • “RECESSION OR VIBRANT ECONOMY ?? Bill Shorten declares on ABC 7.30 Report INCLUSIVE GROWTH is the only answer to turning around our worsening economy !! The LNP's brutal cuts are causing spiralling unemployment and loss of confidence in the manufacturing, retail and investment community !! A Labor...”

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  • “JonathanHallett: “Do you believe 97% of the world’s climate scientists or do you believe Andrew Bolt? I believe Andrew Bolt.” via @THEMONTHLY”

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  • “JonathanHallett: RT @lyndalcurtis: The NBN strategic review has found the Coalition's plan will be more expensive - at $41billion (11.5b more than forecast)”