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  • “Rob_Lucas: Weatherill says they will now brief their candidate in Fisher on their ESL policy and other major policies-journos saying maybe a bit late!”

  • “Rob_Lucas: TV news report that Labor had to stop their Fisher candidate from doing media interviews yesterday afternoon after morning radio interview.”

  • “Rob_Lucas: Weatherill says Labor's Fisher candidate does support his massive ESL increases-which are strongly opposed by struggling families in Fisher!”

  • “SenatorWong: @craigosborne19 Lovely photo”

  • “MarkParnellMLC: @bradchilcott Sorry I couldn't stay for all of question time. It's the tyranny of one train per hour home. Looking forward to #walktogether”

  • “TKoutsantonisMP: RT @photoseal: On Sunday, we asked a very handsome guard for a picture with my friend visiting from Cali - RIP Nathan Cirillo…”

  • “TKoutsantonisMP: RT @SantosLtd: Hydraulic fracture stimulation operating safely in Aus for 50 yrs. Separating fact&fiction @Mining_MiningSA…”

  • “TKoutsantonisMP: RT @SantosLtd: Onshore #natgas delivers tremendous community benefits incl $2 billion in SA royalties @Mining_EnergySA…”

  • “TKoutsantonisMP: RT @SantosLtd: David Knox: We are using technology to further unlock the Cooper to power Australia for the next 40 yrs #AtWork2014 http://t…”

  • “TammyMLC: RT @Kon__K: This. #auspol”

  • “TKoutsantonisMP: RT @MikeCarlton01: The Greens are wrong to claim Gough Whitlam as one of their own. That's just plain grubby and vulgar. Can do better...”

  • “NickChampionMP: RT @HuffPostUKTech: Facebook's entire tax bill in the UK? £3,169. Mark Zuckerbeg's new island? $100 million. http://…”

  • “LeesaVlahosMP: RT @NVIFlinders: Follow your heart. Work hard. #keystosuccess #startupADL”

  • “LeesaVlahosMP: RT @History_Pics: Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, 1961.”

  • “LeesaVlahosMP: RT @9NewsAdel: WEATHER: Partly cloudy tomorrow with a top of 32°C in Adelaide. #9Newscomau”

  • “JohnGardnerMP: The fact that I haven't had phone or internet connection for 23 hours is not getting to me. Not getting to me. Not getting to me. Not gettin”

  • “JohnGardnerMP: I enjoyed the Norwood Morialta Yr 12 Graduation today, as well as the tour of the Fort Largs Police Academy. A busy but enjoyable day.”

  • “NickChampionMP: RT @KrissyZarich: Congrats to @David_Speers on your #Walkleys nomination! Richly deserved. #GoSpeersy”

  • “NickChampionMP: RT @unitetheunion: Working with unions delivers productivity | UK car manufacturing sees strongest growth for 6 years”

  • “AdelaideMP: Biggest risk of death on our roads is 70+, followed by 40-49yrs then 16-19yrs We can't reduce risk of crashing, but can drive safer cars.”

  • “AdelaideMP: Great talk by a road safety educator at City SW NHW meeting tonight. Check your cars safety rating on ANCAP. Avoid driving less than 4 stars”