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  • Speech: Housing Affordability

  • “polley_helen: RT @Sandra_Sully: Bill Shorten has made his biggest pitch yet for the Prime Ministership http://t.co/y9JK81Kj9c http://t.co/2J9S9p7ldD”

  • “cassyoconnormp: Great @HobartCityMissi art exhibition at the Long Gallery. Check out James Garlick's awesome shot of Ralphs Bay! http://t.co/9N8SzfJ1GH”

  • “polley_helen: RT @PCACEO: T1 #pallANZ children, the homeless, marginalised communities such as LGBTI and CALD also make up hidden communities”

  • “polley_helen: RT @AlzheimersVic: The 33rd # Victorian #Seniors Festival is in full swing! Click the link to find out what's still to come - http://t.co/2…”

  • “polley_helen: RT @Sammmw2: Only way for fair superannuation, decent education/ health/ public transport, & fairness for workers is to vote for @Australia…”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @DrEmmaLJohnston: Out of the frying pan & into the fire. We may be on the verge of the biggest #bleaching event in recorded history. htt…”

  • “AUSenator: Missing! The member for Braddon #auspol#chafta http://t.co/sp4u4GknU3”

  • “SenatorSurfer: Really looking forward to chairing a Senate Inquiry into Infrastructure Financing tomorrow here in Perth. #wapol http://t.co/SeTxQM5sfR”

  • “polley_helen: @AgedReportCard when will the Liberal gov treat older Aust with respect. Much still to be done in Ageing and Age Care. #Agecare #dementia”

  • “andrewnikolic: NO support in Launceston today for Labor's idea to spend our superannuation on their latest unfunded promises. #auspol #politas”

  • “LaraGiddings: Michael Ferguson needs to stop linking drug addiction with medical cannabis & get on with legalising the medication https://t.co/UmO9fMesvE”

  • “SenatorAbetz: Brian has been a giant of the Liberal Party, committing himself as a staffer, State Director and Federal Director. Best wishes! @LoughnaneB”

  • “andrewnikolic: At the Launceston Show & ran into @fergusonmichael and James. Gr8 fun! http://t.co/LUGQXrsKFp”

  • “fergusonmichael: At the Royal Lonnie Show meeting the locals and bumped into @andrewnikolic too http://t.co/Hhe9rqiGOg”

  • “polley_helen: RT @AustralianLabor: Want more detail about our plans roads and public transport? You can read more here: http://t.co/a1cP18EEwG #auspol”

  • “polley_helen: RT @ItsBouquet: Well that was a successful experiment... Bronnie's gone.. Abbott's gone.. Credlin's gone... Loughnane's gone.. Gooorrr…”

  • “polley_helen: @iCareHealthAU I visited a home yesterday that has had remarkable results as part of this project. #Agecare #dementia #dementiacare #ageing”

  • “polley_helen: RT @iCareHealthAU: Intervention program effectively reducing sedative use in #agedcare: http://t.co/tleOr2o7jl”

  • “SenatorSurfer: Ford in the U.S. are opposing the TPP ---> http://t.co/RoFsmkyDHB Remember that Toyota said they were shutting down here because of FTAs”

  • “polley_helen: Opportunities are there for age care sector to embrace new technology. #NBN #technology #innovation #auspol #agecare #ageing #dementiacare”