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  • Speech: Housing Affordability

  • “LaraGiddings: RT @theage: Here's how Australians are supporting Adam Goods #IStandWithAdam http://t.co/cZ3v6WuVb1 #AFL http://t.co/K3qdnfWgmX”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @wikileaks: BREAKING: #TPP fails after scandal over US spying on Japan's trade negotiators https://t.co/2SobMKvbYo http://t.co/jtZIlCueQ0”

  • “SenatorSurfer: Vale Louise Crossley. Friend who worked with everyone, visionary advocate of Green economics http://t.co/tjVDeT73qH http://t.co/dCZWcc40CB”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @LouiseBNews: “@abcnewsTas: Eminent Tasmanian scientist, author and environmentalist Dr Louise Crossley has died. http://t.co/nH5ZWq23B2…”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @p_raph: Australia says pharmaceutical market protections beyond 5 years would not get through Parliament, but the US team wants 12. #TP…”

  • “LaraGiddings: RT @tcollins: Hats off to @smh for the #IStandWithAdam poster in paper today. Kids Flying it high at the @sydneyswans game today http://t.c…”

  • “SenatorSurfer: No better time than now for @AndrewRobbMP to permanently walk away from secret & dangerous #TPP deal http://t.co/qvbLSkN8q2 #auspol #TPPA”

  • No better time than now for Robb to walk away from secret TPP deal

  • “SenatorSurfer: @1petermartin time to walk away for good”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @1petermartin: BREAKING. I am hearing NO DEAL on TPP They'll try again in November. #TTP #ausecon”

  • “cassyoconnormp: Aah, the pathetic lament of an embittered old political dinosaur, @GeorgieBurgo @NickMcKim ..... #politas”

  • “SenatorSurfer: Kiwis to launch legal challenge against NZ Government over secrecy of the #TPP https://t.co/C7iqonEaTi #auspol”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @ted_chamberlain: I'm hiring! #SocialMedia for conservation at Pew Trusts. FT, benefits. RT and reply, please. http://t.co/ny843n4KER”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @SBSNews: Pacific trade talks 'unlikely to end in deal' http://t.co/tgiU2PMwuq #TPP http://t.co/Ji4psZwjmS”

  • “SenatorSurfer: @dufussy @NickMcKim wear this 'spray' as a badge of honour - clearly Grey is unhappy a GRN candidate of your calibre is going to Senate!”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @dufussy: In which former Premier Robin Gray advocates for reforms which would inevitably see Tasmania's Senate seats reduced. http://t.…”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @burcuno: Here is the live stream for #TPP Ministerial Press Conference: http://t.co/4DcOLK0aXd. It starts at 4 pm HST/ 10 pm EST.”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @burcuno: Biologics exclusivity became such a big issue here in Maui even President Obama's call to AU PM Abbott did not move AU beyond …”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @wikileaks: Cables Show Hillary Clinton's State Department Deeply Involved in Trans-Pacific Partnership http://t.co/akM4NjJYlJ #TPP”

  • “SenatorSurfer: New York Times and Bloomberg reporting that secret TPP talks will not led to a signed deal as expected http://t.co/96xjbltyw0 #auspol”