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  • Speech: Housing Affordability

  • “richardmcolbeck: RT @IUFRO: Important sentence: There's a strong link between forest health and a clean water supply. #WeCantLiveWithoutForests https://t.co…”

  • “cassyoconnormp: RT @Wilderness_Aus: #climateship this weekend thousands of Australians are marching for a safe climate. Join us? https://t.co/PjzdPRPHZT ht…”

  • “Lisa_Singh: @ibasecretariat @AsbestosSafety yes we discussed that UK 'expert' today and the mistruths put out there....”

  • “kerryfinchmlc: Moon tonight over the TAMAR. https://t.co/5OSDUJlOGd”

  • “richardmcolbeck: RT @DeptAgNews: @Anne_Ruston & @richardmcolbeck MEDIA RELEASE: Tiwi Islands forestry deal chips out bright future | https://t.co/OEmX9Dekn0”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @ClimateReality: This will likely be the last week anyone alive experiences CO2 levels below 400 ppm https://t.co/UGizUwbM3i https://t.c…”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @business: Japan pledges $10.6 billion in climate change support to developing countries by 2020 https://t.co/dhZk3NC6AI https://t.co/gu…”

  • “JulieCollinsMP: RT @AlboMP: WorkChoices on Water defeated in the Senate. Great news for the Australian shipping industry and Australian jobs. https://t.co/…”

  • “Lisa_Singh: RT @AsbestosSafety: FED/INT: Australia 'should help Asia ban #asbestos' | SBS News https://t.co/vUbmlalxy9 @Peter_Tighe @apheda #beasbestos…”

  • “LaraGiddings: RT @Peter_Fitz: Tks Sandy. Join ARM here: https://t.co/0kBQXN8pM9 We are 94 members off QUADRUPLING numbers, this year! https://t.co/bd…”

  • “polley_helen: RT @NationalSeniors: Thanks shadow Financial Services Min @JEChalmers and Senator @polley_helen for supporting our FID launch #auspol https…”

  • “LaraGiddings: RT @Peter_Fitz: Thanks for joining the Australian Republican Movement, former Tassie Premier, @LaraGiddings Great to have you at @AusRepubl…”

  • “LaraGiddings: Just rejoined the Australian Republican Movement @Peter_Fitz - thanks for your leadership, energy and enthusiasm.”

  • “Lisa_Singh: RT @Peter_Tighe: Working with PGARD @Lisa_Singh @BroadbentMP & @apheda to help our Asian neighbours ban #asbestos, lots to do https://t.co/…”

  • “andrewnikolic: @sam_ikin @merkinabout Hardworking group of Scottsdale ladies who knit & crochet items for charity.”

  • “Lisa_Singh: A time to focus on impact #asbestos in our Asian region @ibasecretariat #AsbestosAwarenessWeek #politas #auspoI https://t.co/epoq6vmzES”

  • “polley_helen: RT @Rashidajourno: Dreyfus moving censure motion on Brough #qt”

  • “polley_helen: RT @LouiseASaunders: #politas #shipping https://t.co/fOxRZ69rpW”

  • “polley_helen: RT @LaborHerald: .@Bowenchris: Can the PM explain why he thinks it's fair to make buying a house even more expensive by increasing the GST?…”

  • “polley_helen: RT @latikambourke: Shorten asks Turnbull if given that Sinodinos stood aside does PM have lower standards than Abbott. #reallifezinger #bur…”