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  • “SenatorMilne: Prime Minister Abbott's decision to back coal and attack renewable energy has cost 100 jobs at Keppel Prince in Victoria. #vicvotes”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @LaneCrockett: Very sad day for workers at Keppel Prince who build towers for wind turbines. MacFarlane should visit and explain why htt…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @OpenParl: Citizens have a right to know what MPs do -- and @OpenAustralia can help. Check out their new tool: http://t.co/0s8cFVIjZq @T…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @solarcitizens: #RET talks are on & govt's still out to slash it. Tell negotiating MPs, #ProtecttheRET #solar http://t.co/a2MhPA1zvz htt…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @renew_economy: First victim of Abbott's renewed war on #wind energy and# RET - Keppel Prince closes wind manufacturing, sacks 100 http…”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @aliheth: @senatormilne: any Tasmanian pollie who votes to water down RET will betray the people who voted for them: http://t.co/1P0VNlk…”

  • “SenatorSurfer: RT @Surfrider: How to #RiseABovePlastics: Practice the four “R”s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse http://t.co/LwHA87lAcf http://t.co/hPl5…”

  • Estimates confirms findings of red tape report, as major Departments refuse charities passport

  • “richardmcolbeck: No Solely Commonwealth managed fisheries subject to overfishing - 2013-14 Fishery Status Report http://t.co/CgmmbTv1az”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @adamlmorton: Aus scientists setting up chambers under Antarctic sea ice to test the impact of ocean acidification on marine life http:/…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @PennyWrites: This is unforgivable in a wealthy country. #Education gap growing & growing & growing. http://t.co/mFs8EB8Egm #Gonski”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @LandWaterFuture: People gather outside AGL's AGM at Angel Place in Sydney today calling in the company to stop fracking Gloucester. htt…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @SolarCouncil: #SaveSolar Heroes protect household solar but $11B investment still at risk Don't let Abbott wreck solar http://t.co/yScW…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @KetanJ0: Profits from a RET cut: $2bn to @EnergyAustralia $1.5bn to @originenergy $2.5bn to @aglenergy http://t.co/7Bs9Lr4nbW @c…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @looksouth: ICYMI. Here is the #Antarctic Ocean Alliance's latest map of how plans for marine reserves are being whittled down. http://t…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @ASRC1: Thank you #TeamHumanity. #auspol #asylum #refugees http://t.co/FcvpHHClSe”

  • “SenatorMilne: Who is paying to bring Patrick Moore to Australia this time? Last time he loved logging native forests. #auspol #climate”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @JimHarris: Oz Gov “Destroying #Renewable Industry” to Protect Polluting Fossil Fuels Firms http://t.co/HtKhM9gwkN #auspol http://t.co/I…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @ClimateSpec: Carbon tax cut makes smaller inflation impact than expected http://t.co/Si18juzClf via @BusinessSpec”

  • “Lisa_Singh: Happy #diwali to all who celebrate. And may the year ahead be filled with light and love for you and your family. http://t.co/G8ICcT2Njz”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @SenatorLudlam: what happened on Swan Island when peace activists broke into the base? http://t.co/7jjOoEVfyE #estimates #auspol”