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  • “LaraGiddings: Third series of Borgen is back on SBS :-) My favourite political drama.”

  • “LaraGiddings: “@abcnewsTas: Country Women's Association continue to lobby for legal marijuana for terminally ill http://t.co/6YEEjfg4rj” Great support :)”

  • “LaraGiddings: RT @KateEllisMP: With @BrianMitchell_ & @polley_helen fighting Abbott's cuts to Tassie schools & his broken promise on Gonski reforms. http…”

  • “kerryfinchmlc: With Hannah Sutton 14 yo science student at St Mary's College. Super science achiever and guest speaker at dinner. http://t.co/nxEZbkJ63Q”

  • “kerryfinchmlc: @raowaraow It's a great opportunity for better understanding of the part we play in the fabric of Tasmanian society. Really enjoyable.”

  • “andrewnikolic: On the campaign trail in Scottsdale with my favourite volunteer Christine! http://t.co/BOmkpJ2rHn”

  • “JulieCollinsMP: With @BernardKeane @susanfahey discussing future of progressive politics in Tassie for Fabians relaunch http://t.co/ytBu3cJzQp”

  • “kerryfinchmlc: Special night at Parliament. Dinner for Science meets Parliament. Members of the science community as guests. http://t.co/TrLBZfJtkr”

  • “JulieCollinsMP: Glad to be at the relaunch and the patron of the #tasfabians, discussing where to next for progressive Tas politics. http://t.co/zGdmwmJtBt”

  • “LaraGiddings: Debating my motion against Liberals Anti-protest laws. Well done @BobBuchanan9 for organising the rally yesterday. http://t.co/3h9sWeZYI2”

  • “LaraGiddings: RT @newstead_wsh: @LaraGiddings Thank you for your thoughtful tribute to Peter Sculthorpe. The arts do indeed, have benefits for our health…”

  • “LaraGiddings: Yay! My electorate office is officially connected to the NBN. Thank you @AustralianLabor for delivering much needed IT infrastructure #nbn”

  • Senate Committee begins public scrutiny of Abbott's budget cuts

  • “An inspiring night of climate, conversation and creativity in Launceston tonight. Many climate champions ready to keep campaigning for our RET, and climate. Thank you Launceston.”

  • “LaraGiddings: @katinka_challen @CoonawarraWine @scottbacon @winsordobbin @BronnyPeters that is so romantic :-)”

  • “With our young guest speaker at the Science Meets Parliament Dinner, Hannah Sutton (year 9 student at St Mary's College) and her inspiring science teachers. Hannah delivered an amazing presentation for her age and has a bright future ahead of her in science (or paediatrics, as she is somewhat undecided - except that space travel is definitely an ambition)!”

  • “LaraGiddings: I feel for all those who voted for Libs to tear up Tasmanian Forest Agreement. You have all been let down. Not one extra tree under Lib bill”

  • “LaraGiddings: RT @BarnsGreg: @AnnahFromberg @CassyOConnorMP @jeremyrockliff Poppy industry wants medical cannabis - great business synergies”

  • “scottbacon: @winsordobbin @katinka_challen @CoonawarraWine @BronnyPeters no clue sorry”

  • “SenatorAbetz: Good to meet with small business operators and employees who have benefited from NEIS in Tasmania. http://t.co/lD1KmuLYbU”

  • “LaraGiddings: RT @johnstonloretta: @LaraGiddings @GeorgieBurgo doesn't sound like he bothered to find out much about it - the 'apple shed' was part of a …”