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  • “Lisa_Singh: Wishing the colors of Holi bring one and all a year of good health, peace and happiness Happy Holi! #Holi2015 http://t.co/FHM7TKdMz9”

  • “Lisa_Singh: RT @mkarney44fan: रंग की एक इंद्रधनुष स्वास्थ्य समृद्धि और खुशी के साथ अपने वर्ष पेंट कर सकते हैं! http://t.co/neVm”

  • “Lisa_Singh: @aiinstitute @amitabhmattoo @GlynDavisVC @ShaunJStar @AlexHawkeMP @JoshFrydenberg @AuskarSurbakti happy Holi to you!”

  • “Lisa_Singh: RT @aiinstitute: Happy #Holi @amitabhmattoo @GlynDavisVC @Lisa_Singh @ShaunJStar @AlexHawkeMP @JoshFrydenberg @AuskarSurbakti http://t.co/F…”

  • “WillHodgman: RT @NetballTasmania: International Womens Day Round #MakeItHappen #profileonrise @CoachLisaA @KatePalmer_CEO @NadineCohen1 @WillHodgman ht…”

  • “andrewnikolic: Jason Cordero's 'Between the Shadows' at the 2015 Glover Prize. Exquisite! #MyChoice http://t.co/ZuEGk4B0HM”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @Warren4Prez: Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? Here’s @mtaibbi doing what he does best - http://t.co/KurTSl1xka #EndTooBigToJail #OWS http…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @abcnewsTas: Glover art prize 2105: artist Nigel Hewitt uses ash from Dunalley fires to create winning artwork http://t.co/zAgkowdyHc”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @ellensandell: When Parliament sits next we will introduce legislation to make cycling safer. A metre matters. http://t.co/I5RBjxFvqe”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @GregMLC: Let's share the road better #Albisride http://t.co/XFhV5qubF0 http://t.co/wQHs6mPlYP”

  • “SenatorMilne: Hardly a grown up government @TonyAbbottMHR behaving as if reprisal is appropriate. http://t.co/1g4jJ1oUbM”

  • “LaraGiddings: RT @paulmp: I think Stanley and the North West of @Tasmania is one of it's top secrets, make sure you visit :) http://t.co/MMym8mC6NT”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @Jason__Cummings: Hey @artsACT1 - can you promote the WABA artists-in-residence opportunity pls? http://t.co/0q4WcciwPA @MulligansFlat h…”

  • Senator Waters' comments on revelations that the Abbott Government is paying for international journalists to visit the Great Barrier Reef in a misguided attempt to influence the World Heritage Committee's decision on an 'In Danger' listing.

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @ABCenvironment: RT @selinamross: New research shows Antarctica's ice shelves melting faster than thought. http://t.co/gDEbiEtZ75 #clim…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @newmatilda: Just Like Mariam: A stunning speech from Lydia Shelly, delivered to the NSW Greens International Women's Day B... http://t.…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @GreenGuise: @SenatorLudlam @GreensTamara @Andrea1Vickers1 @dawnwalker2013 are at the community centre tonight if u want to meet! http:/…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @RuthHRLC: Need some inspiration for #IWD2015? Check out these amazing Indigenous women who have changed Australia: http://t.co/VdiHb5Va…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @Tom_Milne: Happy @sydneymardigras everyone!!! I'm already in awe of all the work going into this from the Mardi gras team and volunteer…”

  • “LaraGiddings: RT @taliaualiitia: Are Tas govt boards a "sausage fest"? @LaraGiddings, Ros Harvey & Penelope Dodd discuss w @LeonCompton #politas https://…”

  • “RuthForrestMLC: RT @AnnahFromberg: Royal Hobart Hospital has performed 1000 consecutive bypass surgeries without adverse outcome: it's a new world record #…”