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  • “polley_helen: Great Policy Forum today so excited about ageing and the positive future we can have. #ageing #Labor #family@abc24”

  • “fergusonmichael: @AdamLangenberg you did a terrific job”

  • “fergusonmichael: RT @AdamLangenberg: Need to break down bureaucratic red tape so we can focus on delivering services - Ferguson. #breakingtheice”

  • “fergusonmichael: RT @AdamLangenberg: We do believe there's a service gap on the NW - Ferguson. #breakingtheice”

  • “fergusonmichael: RT @bigeagle09: I'm very impressed you are all here today because that says to me you really care about each other says Dr Reynolds #breaki…”

  • “fergusonmichael: RT @annackay: Don Jones has hit the nail on the head. Encourage our youth. Stop judging and say hi #socialinclusion #breakingtheice”

  • “fergusonmichael: RT @Squirreall: NW is safest area in safest state, and CH is one of the safest areas in NW - Avery. #breakingtheice http://t.co/TQm8MsYnrN”

  • “fergusonmichael: RT @bigeagle09: Not one of us have the full set of answers but together we can says Minister Ferguson #breakingtheice”

  • “fergusonmichael: RT @AdamLangenberg: From a government's point of view, we take this very seriously - Ferguson. Review into drug problem shows their commitm…”

  • “fergusonmichael: RT @Squirreall: Health Minister takes the stage #breakingtheice http://t.co/6UhXDil4q8”

  • “fergusonmichael: RT @AdamLangenberg: Ferguson said size of audience shows the interest in community to own and address ice problem. #breakingtheice http://t…”

  • “fergusonmichael: RT @bigeagle09: A great sense of interest and want for unity says Health Minister at iHelp Forum #breakingtheice”

  • “fergusonmichael: RT @EmilyBryan: . @fergusonmichael says he won't tolerate Circular Head being dubbed the ice capital of Australia.”

  • “fergusonmichael: Driving home after a terrific day/evening visiting, listening, & responding to NW community. Thank you to the many locals who have engaged.”

  • “WillHodgman: RT @KatieJWightman: @TCFtalk Congratulations Emily Snadden winner of the Premier's Award for Excellence @WillHodgman #TCF2014 http://t.co/2…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @abcnews: A Sydney dentist's collection of art deco radios has sparked an offer from the Sheik of Qatar http://t.co/Igfq4tnmj3”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @SenatorLudlam: So the Abbott-Palmer carbon mafia just picked taxpayers' pockets to the tune of $2b and opened up native forests to inci…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @PennyWrites: Look who I found just as I arrived home from Canberra tonight! I obviously live in a scary neighbourhood! http://t.co/GNZq…”

  • “SenatorMilne: "Almost total lack of academic expertise in Miles Franklin and PM Literary awards". https://t.co/pDlBRO4hhx”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @AnthCasanova2: @senatormilne How we are seen overseas: Australia sacrifices more and more of its environment for economic gain http://t…”

  • “SenatorMilne: RT @rodgerrodgersu: @fight4fairnes @senatormilne i dont think there has ever been a government that has taken from the people and give it t…”