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  • “philipdalidakis: @purplethistle1 it's very much emblematic of the next generation.”

  • “MartinPakulaMP: Giants robbed there. If that wasn't holding the ball. 540 degree spin #AFLTigersGiants”

  • “philipdalidakis: @purplethistle1 you don't excuse his behaviour b/c he has talent, you provide guidance, nurture it.”

  • “JennyMikakos: RT @YanniKouts: The very sad division over #Greferendum: ~60% of young people to vote 'No' and ~60% of elderly ppl to vote 'Yes'. A generat…”

  • “MartinFoleyMP: #GetCreativeVic. Cultural and Creative Economy growing faster than rest of the economy & shaping our sense of self”

  • “JennyMikakos: “@AFP: An elderly man cries outside a bank in Thessaloniki, #Greece. #photo by Sakis Mitrolidis” heartbreaking”

  • “CraigOndarchie: RT @FoodWorksAus: Thank you @MelbFarmersMkts for having me.”

  • “philipdalidakis: #SpringSt $160,000 to #NationalJockeysTrust helps families of jockeys who lost lives, were injured at work....”

  • “MartinPakulaMP: RT @richieplz: Great to see @MartinPakulaMP speaking so passionately about @JockeysTrust at @MRCTrackNews luncheon Govt support…”

  • “andrewrobbmp: RT @hutchinson_eric: These guys love #TAS @HUONAqua #salmon. The front line of promotion to #customers #JAEPA @AndrewRobbMP @austradejapan …”

  • “MichaelDanbyMP: RT @Mary_Delahunty: @MichaelDanbyMP thinks the Trust should go. It's the only way for the community to get fair value. @FinancialReview htt…”

  • “MichaelDanbyMP: “@CrJimMagee: Socks it to secret CaulfieldRacecourseTrust.^100years monopoly publicSpace @FinancialReview #auspoI”

  • “philipdalidakis: RT @purplethistle1: @philipdalidakis @9NewsMelb @TonyAbbottMHR So much secrecy what are they hiding.Not in my name Abbott.”

  • “billshortenmp: We cannot afford to lose momentum on long-overdue recognition for the first Australians in our Constitution.”

  • “ShaunLeaneMP: RT @BenCarrollMP: Two former St Bernard's College students reunited back at my old footy club Airport West. Go #Eagles #springst http://t.c…”

  • “BenCarrollMP: Two former St Bernard's College students reunited back at my old footy club Airport West. Go #Eagles #springst”

  • “MartinPakulaMP: RT @JockeysTrust: The Hon. @MartinPakulaMP with @destsiscomau at the #NJTRaceDay for the presentation acknowledgements to our sponsors http…”

  • “LilyDAmbrosioMP: @danielbowen Should ready Industry Minister.”

  • “LMChesters: Classic #Woodend winter morning for their farmers' market today. Supporting local producers like @McIvorFarmFoods”

  • “billshortenmp: RT @GuardianAus: Bill Shorten: It's time to tell same-sex partners their love is equal under the law | Bill Shorten”

  • “DarrenChesterMP: Perfect at Stratford footy-netball: parked close enough to watch daughter but staying warm listening @abcgrandstand”